Bimbo ©


Our history & philosophy

The Bimbo © company with a 50-years presence in the field of children’s fashion industry, has pioneered to the introduction of “high-end brand” clothing in the city of Thessaloniki. We continue to serve with passion, both style and elegance, bringing together the biggest names of the global fashion industry.

Our philosophy remains unaltered and it’s constantly enriched through new ideas and collaborations, to offer to our customers unique and special designs of the most famous fashion houses abroad for children 0-16 years.

Our goal is the knowledge and our perennial experience in branded children’s clothing, to travel all over the Greece and share with you the love for fashion.

At the same time, through our e-shop, you will be able to browse our special baptism collection, that includes haute couture pieces, with unmatched quality and aesthetic, for your child’s special occasion.